Our Team

Our Team
Jeoffrey Dullaert
Business manager CrewLounge SHOP

Greatest achievement: raising 3 beautiful kids in combination with a full time job as TRI LIFUS on both the 737 NG-MAX and the E190 and TKI/FI in the MPL program, while running CrewLounge SHOP. This would of course be impossible without the tender loving care and patience of my lovely wife!

Spare time: not applicable :-)… whatever little spare time is left goes to playing sports: football, running and padel (like the rest of the world these days)


Our Team
Patrick Boone
Pilot & Owner of CrewLounge brand

Pat is a senior instructor with over 20,000 hours and 30 years of experience on Boeing aircraft. He flies the 737 NG-MAX and 787 Dreamliner out of Brussels, Belgium.

Pat is a coffee addict and a computer nerd… The combination of these is CrewLounge AERO.

Our Team
Fulfilment Partner

The ShopWeDo-team takes care of all our orders.

Their mission is to help and guide Belgian companies and SMEs with starting up, expanding and/or optimizing their e-business. In the first place, they focus on sustainable and thoughtful fulfillment. They also want to stop the logistical exodus of Belgian e-commerce projects and serve them locally.

Our Team
Online Partner

Funkhaus is our longterm online partner, and helps us build a better shopping platform and a better user experience.

Their mission is to build quality online tools, that help businesses generate more income through their online platforms. Funkhaus is a web-agency experienced in online strategy, sustainable web-development and online marketing (SEO).

For more info visit: www.funkhaus.be